The below disclaimer is made to visitors of the High Society website hosted at https://highsocietydispo.com.


We utilize an “Age Gate” to warn individuals under the age of 21 that they are not to access our website content in accordance with required compliance and regulation. We aim to prevent our website and products from being accessed by minors and those under the age of 21.

While our Age Gate may not be able to completely prevent our website from being accessed by minors who lie about their age, we are to be held harmless of any legal liability that may arise from their decision to do so.


This disclaimer is being made to warn customers about the potential liabilities and dangers of cannabis use.

Cannabis is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Customers and potential customers must be aware that possession, distribution, and cultivation of cannabis is still prohibited under US federal law.

Furthermore, this statement acts as a warning to keep cannabis products away from animals and out of the reach of children. Any irresponsibility on behalf of the customer from protecting animals and children from cannabis products is of no liability to or cause of High Society and/or our website. Equally, the intoxicating effects of cannabis can sometimes be delayed or extended in effect for some time. We never recommend to operate a vehicle or any kind of machinery after consumption, and High Society is held harmless from any customer’s decision to act unsafely while experiencing the effects of any of our cannabis products and any incidents or accidents that may occur as a result of such decision.

Lastly, the use of cannabis during pregnancy or while breastfeeding may be harmful to children. Any decision to act irresponsibly in regards to how our product is used by an individual who is breastfeeding or pregnant is of no liability or damage to High Society and is solely the fault of the user.


Potential customers should be clearly informed that by purchasing a product from our dispensary, they are assuming the risk of any damage or loss that occurs due to its use.

Moreover, High Society is to be held harmless of any potential liabilities that may arise cannabis use for medical purposes. We make no claim, suggested or otherwise, about the effectiveness or safety of cannabis use for medical purposes, and the advice of our employees, website and company is not to be considered official medical advice.

Any information provided by High Society dispensary, our website, our social media pages and/or our employees is for educational and informational purposes only. Any information a customer receives should not supersede the medical advice given by an actual doctor.

Furthermore, the accuracy of the educational information provided by our associates / employees, on our website and on our social media pages cannot be guaranteed by the dispensary or the business.